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Learning How To Learn | Qasim Ali Shah

Published on 10 Jul 2020 / In Education

Qasim Ali Shah is having a talk with Weekly Class Participants on the topic of “Zero Line”.
Key Points Discussed:
• Purpose of Weekly Classes
• Story of an old woodcutter – Steven Covey
• No one is a good or bad person, either someone is knowledgeable or unknowledgeable.
• Most of the people are unaware, we need to show sympathy towards them instead of anger.
• The moment you know that you know nothing, you are on the learning track.
• Knowledge is everywhere in the universe.
• Meditation and story of a CEO.
• People of Turbat.
• The secret of Happiness from the book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari.
• Bulley Shah and Waris Shah.
• Allama Iqbal and knowledge.
• Newton and the story of Apple.
• How to learn more?
• Each area of your life which is weak means you have a lack of knowledge.
• Sharpening the saw.

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